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Chavurah Happenings
This is the first in a series of articles featuring existing Temple Adat Shalom Chavurot. We hope it fosters the formation of new Chavurot and stimulates existing Chavurot into new and interesting activities.

Chavurah means a gathering or community of friends. Each of our Chavurot at Temple Adat Shalom is unique and brings a wonderful sense of community to our Chavurah families. It provides for smaller setting and more age/lifecycle appropriate activities for the member families. If you are interested in finding out more about the Chavurot, please call Steve Bernsen at 858-668-0699 or send email: .

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Balagan Chavurah (Jan. 2007)
We are the Balagan Chavurah. Our name means chaos, which is entirely appropriate for our meetings. With 8 families and 14 kids under the age of 4 (Phoebe, Jacob, Emma, Talia, Aliyah, Josie, Rebecca, Ava, Brian, Kayla, Jakeb, Madalyn, Jillian and Reese), it is a bit hectic when we get together, to say the least. We certainly can’t claim that it’s just the boys being rowdy, since the girls outnumber them by 10 (soon to be 11!) to 4.

We came together in many different ways. Some of us were in a previous havurah that lost several members, some of us had kids together in Ganon Gil preschool, some of us were in the Av O’Em class together, and some of us met at a havurah gathering. While some of our members have been together in one version of our havurah or another for a year or more, our current group has been together for six months.

We meet on the third Sunday of the month. With so many kids, we usually plan something outdoors, if the weather permits. So far, we have met for potluck picnics at parks, playgrounds, and even at (brave) people’s homes. We have gathered for birthdays and baby namings, and we attempt to get together for holidays, especially for those of us without other family in the area. Flexibility is a must for our members, since kids often get sick, but we usually manage to have at least a few of our member families at each gathering. That is the advantage of having so many families in our group, since there are always at least a few who can make each meeting. We’re expecting the full turnout for our Inaugural Hanukkah Party, which will be the first time that our entire group has been together at once.

Our families (the Blasbands, the Brahins, the Francis’, the Gocals, the Kaplans, the Lehrers, the Logans, and the Sinders) are looking forward to many years of sharing holidays, happy occasions and milestones together.

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Emanon Chavurah
The Emanon Chavurah was formed 27 years ago by a group of Temple members, most of whom were still working but are now all retired. Since most of us did not have relatives in the area, we were all looking for an extended family.

We were committed to meeting on the third Saturday night of every month regardless of how many members were able to attend. We were not going to be simply a social or gourmet group. The topics selected were the responsibility of the meeting hosts and were generally with a Jewish theme. The agenda was along the lines of first business, then the topic of the night, and finally dessert and coffee.

Some examples of the topics of meetings included videos from the Temple library, discussions on current events, news commentary, member's travel experiences, interesting guest speakers, always break-the-fast together and always a Hanukah party.

The yearly event was the mystery outing. One-half of the members would plan a day or a weekend away and surprise the other half as to the locations or planned activities. We have gone to many places, mostly in Southern California including, Ventura, Riverside, Pasadena, Laguna, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Catalina. In addition we have been to an Elderhostel at the University of Judaism as well as three trips to Mexico. We have also been on cruises together. We have traveled by car, bus, train, ship, hayride and on horseback. For these outings we collected monthly dues to help pay for the trips.

In addition we collect nominal dues for charitable purposes which are distributed periodically to worthwhile causes. Current members are: Jan & Merv Blum, Natalie & Shel Diamond, Alvin Friedman, Shirley & Fred Kallet, Arleen Kramer, Harriet & Harvey Rosenberg, Naomi & Sam Rosenberg and Dorothy and Sam Schankler.

We hope that our experiences will stimulate others to enjoy their programs as much as we have enjoyed ours.