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Confirmation and Beyond

A child's Jewish education does not end at their Bar or Bat mitzvah. Our Confirmation and post-Confirmation students explore Judaism in a way that is consistent with their growing maturity. Weekly discussion with Rabbi David and other senior educators allows students to consider and debate current events and issues through the prism of their emerging understanding of Jewish values.

In addition to Jewish Heritage trips where the students go beyond San Diego to explore the greater Jewish world, a highlight of the Confirmation year is our Confirmation Service, created and led almost entirely by the students themselves. Here is what some of our recent students have said about their experience:

"During Confirmation we would all gather in the library and debate various social issues many times past the length of the class period. At the end of a session it might not have looked like we had accomplished a lot, but with every week we gained more understanding about ourselves, our classmates, the world around us, and how we'd like to change it." ~Eric B.

"In our Confirmation class, we discussed a wide array of topics, and at first, I was quite intimidated by the rush of ideas and subjects thrown at us. A few classes in, once I fully opened my mind, I took in what we were discussing and it really opened my eyes to many issues in the world. One topic we discussed fairly extensively was tolerance and acceptance. On the Washington D.C. trip, we spent some time at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It was really striking to me because although he did so much for the Civil Rights Movement, it still wasn't enough to eliminate intolerance and hate. There is still so much progress to be made."  ~Andrew B.

"I have learned so much about politics, environmentalism, and the global issues of today, and I gained many long-lasting friends along the way. I have grown this year to understand that while I am a Jew and I am an American, I am neither an American Jew nor a Jewish American. Both of these identities have just helped me to form my own identity as a human being. It is this identity that is most important to me. It does not matter what I label myself as, but only that I fulfill my obligations to the world."  ~Alaina D.

"When I started, I knew my beliefs. I was sure of myself, but I lacked the skills to voice them and, more importantly, the ability to justify them. But through Confirmation Class I became a stronger individual, being able to tone back more and trying to get my point across through logic and reason. I can truly say that I have been changed for the better. And while this has been really great, I have to say that the best part about it all was the strengthening of my second family. Through Confirmation Class we have truly become closer individuals, texting each other constantly, hanging out on weekends, and being able to call each other brothers and sisters. I can honestly say that I finally, for the first time in my life, have true friends."  ~Noah L.

"I am so thankful to my Confirmation Class and Rabbi David for opening my eyes to current events, world issues, and how each of us, even at a young age, can make a big difference--one small step at a time. I know much more about who I am and how I can change the world. . .During this wonderful year I now see how one person's actions can start a ripple effect, and in the end create a beautiful trnsformation. It doesn't matter if you take small steps--what matters is taking steps. That way you will be way ahead of everybody sitting and watching from the sidelines. After Confirmation Class, I realized, I am making a big difference. You, me, us. . .We all can be the change."  ~Dalia W.

For the two years following Confirmation, during the students' final years of high school, the discussions, explorations, learning, and development continue. Our students graduate post-confirmation with the values, friendships, maturity, and strength of Jewish identity that any parent would want for their child.



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