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Hebrew for High School Credit

Spanish, German, and French classes are fine, but students looking to stand out from the crowd now have another option: Modern Hebrew.

Classes are limited to 14 students each, taught entirely in Hebrew by native speakers, and meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings. In addition to learning the Hebrew language and gaining an understanding of the culture of the Middle East, the program fulfills high school graduation and college entrance requirements.

Here's what one of our program graduates had to say about Temple Adat Shalom's Hebrew for High School Credit program:

“I had an amazing time in Hebrew for Credit. It is a program which I would recommend and encourage everyone to do. Having it at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays frees up a period in your school schedule, allows you to continue your language through all four years of high school and allows for additional electives (like band and sports) and time for off-campus activities. I am currently majoring in Arabic and Foreign Service Studies, inspired by my experience in Hebrew for Credit.”  
~Rebecca M.

This class meets the University of California A-G requirements.

Registration for Temple Adat Shalom's award-winning Hebrew for Credit courses is CLOSED at THIS TIME but will be open to students who will be in 8-12th grades for the upcoming or current school year in the near future. Students within the PUSD, SDUSD, San Dieguito, and Ramona districts are eligible to enroll, and 8th graders who continue their Hebrew language classes as 9th graders will earn one year of foreign language credit for their work in 8th grade.

We will be resuming our Hebrew for Credit program soon. For more information, please contact Karen Flexer Friedenberg, Education Director, or 858-451-1200.


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