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At Temple Adat Shalom we worship in the Reform tradition--rooted in the ancient rituals of our people, yet enhanced by contemporary approaches and forms. A broad range of musical sources, participation by our members, singing by our adult and junior choirs, klezmer style music from our Simchat Shabbat Band, lively family celebrations, and personal and intimate life cycle commemorations strengthen us in spirit and community.

We enjoy great variety within our services; some services are quite traditional, others are more creative and modern. For example, for the past several years we have offered both traditional and contemporary Rosh Hashanah services, and the contemporary service is getting quite a following! More recently, we have updated our Yom Kippur Afternoon services, to allow our focus to transition from themes of repentence for past mistakes, to a renewed commitment to doing better.

Our Sisterhood and Men's Club Shabbat services, as well as Shabbat services sponsored by one of our committees may be a complete change of pace from the usual liturgy, or simply incorporate elements that speak to the mission of those groups. We love when Cantor Frank travels, because she often brings us new melodies and songs to enliven our worship.

All of our Shabbat services and most other services are followed by a festive oneg of sweet treats and warm fellowship. Guests are always welcome. 

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