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The TAS Helen and Samuel Levitt Memorial Library

   You build a wall brick by brick; You build a library book by book. The wall keeps people out; The library brings people in!

The Helen and Samuel Levitt Memorial Library has grown, book by book, from a beginning of 900 volumes to more than 6,000 volumes! The Annette Olsman Children's Corner has also seen a major increase and is a source of supplementary material for our Preschool and Hebrew School students. With these two endowments and tributes from others in our congregation, the library has been self-supporting since 1990, and in 2014 we began the process of renovating and updating our library to modern standards.

In addition to Jewish books, the library contains a large and diverse collection of over 100 DVDs and videos on Judaic subjects and an equal number of music CDs and tapes, and audiobooks for the sight-impaired. Supervised by a volunteer professional librarian, the Library has received a Certificate of Accreditation from the Association of Jewish Libraries, Synagogue, School and Community Centers Division.

Library books can be checked out by Temple members.

Please Return Books

CONGREGANTS: The Library Committee is searching for many books which have been checked out and never returned. Please search your bookshelves at home to see if you have any of these books. No fees will be charged - simply return the books to the library and earn our thanks.

Library Spotlight: The Sarajavo Haggadah

Our Temple library has a copy of the priceless Sarajevo Haggadah gifted to our library by Lynne Elson, who purchased it many years ago while traveling in the Balkans. This is the same Haggadah that was the inspiration for Geraldine Brooks' fascinating novel, People of the Book. Click here for details.       


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