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Life Cycle Events

From birth to death and all times in between, Judaism is full of beautiful traditions to honor and enhance our lives. Your Temple Adat Shalom congregation and clergy are here to celebrate with you in joyous times and stand with you through sad and painful times.

Brit Milah & Simchat Brit

We celebrate the great blessing of birth with the Brit Milah or Bris (Covenant of Circumcision for boys) or Simchat Brit (Naming Ceremony for girls or for boys who are circumcised without a religious ceremony). The Brit Milah typically takes place in the home, while the Simchat Brit may take place as a private ceremony or during an evening or morning Shabbat service. Our clergy works closely with families to design a ceremony that is meaningful and joyous.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah of a child is an important milestone in the life of a Jewish family. Congregants at Temple Adat Shalom enjoy the support of clergy, educators, professional and support staff, as well as volunteers, to ensure that their child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony is special and meaningful. To learn more about Bar and Bat MItzvah at Temple Adat Shalom, click here.

Confirmation and Beyond

At Temple Adat Shalom, a child's Jewish education does not end with the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Our post-b'nai mitzvah students continue their studies of Jewish values and traditions, and engage in lively discussions exploring the intersection of Judaism and the modern world. Learn more about our engaging Confirmation and Post-Confirmation programs by clicking here. 


Your wedding is a very special, joyful, and cermonious day, as you and your spouse begin your life together. Our clergy offers premarital counseling to help couples prepare for their life together and the value of creating a Jewish home.

Both Rabbi David Castiglione and Cantor Lori Wilinsky Frank officate at weddings, and work with couples to shape the ceremony to reflect each couple's individuality within the framework of a Jewish wedding. Whether the wedding couple are both Jewish or not both Jewish, heterosexual or same-gendered, our warm and caring clergy look forward to guiding you through the process from engagement through the breaking of the glass. Please be in touch with our clergy directly so they can assist you as you prepare for your wedding and life together as a married couple.

Judaism by Choice

Temple Adat Shalom warmly welcomes, respects, and honors those who are interested in converting to Judaism. We offer Introduction to Judaism and other classes for those new to our faith. Rabbi Castiglione provides extensive counseling and learning for those who wish to convert to Judaism, and our Outreach Committee also offers mentors to those who wish to connect with others who have been through the conversion process.

Funerals and Mourning

The Jewish tradition is founded upon respect for those who have died and providing comfort for those who are grieving. Our clergy and congregation provide support and comfort to all who are bereaved. We encourage our members to turn to our clergy and staff for advice and assistance on practical matters surrounding death, burial, and mourning.

Our clergy officiate at funeral services for our members, and help guide families through the traditional rituals surrounding death and burial. Our congregation provides a minyan at the house of mourning.


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